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Dr. Christian Cavaletti

Updated on: 23-Nov-2017

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My name is Christian, I'm Italian, born on April 17th, 1970, in Busto Arsizio (VA).

I'm married with Veruska (since September 17th, 2001) and we have two sons:
Enrico (born on November 16th, 2002) and Matteo (born on May 24th, 2005)

With Enrico and Matteo in the USA (summer 2010)

I'm a doctor with a master degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry (University of Milano, on 1995).
Since September 1997 I moved to center of Italy, as I'm Site Manager in a Weaving and Finishing textile company.
Now I live in Corropoli (TE).

I'm the holder of the Guinness World Record(TM) for the "Largest Pepsi can collection",
as collecting Pepsi cans is my most important hobby.

My Story & Milestones
Guinness World Record(TM)
Virtual Museum
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Pepsi Cans International Club

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    Pepsi Cans Catalogue - ITALY    

I collect many other items, including circulated coins, italian mint stamps,
Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood items, Martin Mystère and Nathan Never comics.
Just click on the logos to learn more.

I also like to travel.
    Here are the countries I've already visited.

Dr. Christian Cavaletti
Viale Adriatico, 150
64013 Corropoli (TE) - Italy

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